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Bronzed Sugar is a modern boutique salon specializing in Sugaring, Airbrush Tanning and Dermalogica Skincare. Our licensed and certified Sugar Mama™ estheticians are ready to get you sun-kissed, smooth skinned and beach ready! Book Now!

Sugar Mamas

Our licensed and certified Sugar Mama™ estheticians specialize in Sugaring (hair removal), Airbrush Tanning and Dermalogica Skincare. Get Sugared, Get Bronzed and Get Fabulous!™ Book an appointment with a Sugar Mama™ at one of our locations, call the location of your choice or book below by clicking the location most convenient for you!


Sugaring vs. Waxing

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique, originating in Persia. Sugar paste is all natural, even editable! Made with only (sugar + lemon + water), way better for your skin than the chemicals in waxing. Sugaring is half as painful as waxing, the sugar only adheres to your hair, not your skin (like waxing), this leaves your skin silky smooth without being damaged. During the service, the sugar is applied opposite of hairgrowth and removed in the same direction of growth. This also makes the technique less painful, avoids creating ingrown hairs and skin irritation. No risks in double dipping, infections or burning like waxing. Making it the BEST hair removal technique for sensitive skin!