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Get Sugared!

Before You Get Sugared…. 

Remember that Sugaring adheres to the hair, not the skin like waxing. This makes Sugaring hair removal half as painful as waxing. The technique pulls the hair in the same direction of hair growth, leaving the hair a clear path for regrowth & avoiding ingrown hair. For our Sugar Mamas to give you the BEST results from the treatment, please make sure that you follow the Before and After Care suggestions!


Before Getting Sugared

  1. Shower up & Exfoliate! Make sure that the area of treatment is fresh & clean
  2. Hair should be 1/8″ of an inch to remove, the size of a rice grain
  3. No lotion, deodorant, oil, or any other skin care products!
  4. Come for your sugaring appointment with clean, dry skin
  5. Skip the Gym before you Get Sugared!  We want you to be squeaky clean!
  6. Try to stay out of the Sun the day before…. Sunburn skin is too sensitive to sugar


After Getting Sugared

  1. Skip another workout! Sweat can cause the open pores to break out
  2. Keep your skin clean for the next day…. avoid make-up, lotions, etc.
  3. Avoid the activities under the sheets the day of your treatment
  4. When your hair regrowth begins, start to exfoliate the treatment area