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Get Flawless!

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, our SUGAR MAMAS are ready to provide you the very best in skincare.  Our specialized menu offers something for everyone, showcasing the world-leading Dermalogica Skincare Line. With an outstanding reputation in the industry, Dermalogica caters to every skin need and concern by formulating only the best natural ingredients that work to promote healthy skin. Whether battling dry, oil prone, or even aging skin, we’ve specifically catered our expertise to this high performance line and carry products driven to deliver results!


Pure Hydration

Rehydrate and replenish skin with this intense moisture quench. Using only the most hydrating properties, your skin will feel plump and enjoy what we like to call “a drink of water” for the face. This gentle facial is good for any skin type and will give your skin the moisture boost it needs!

Deep Exfoliation

Gentle yet effective, this facial will resurface dull, lackluster skin for a glowing radiance Good for anyone seeking or needing a deeper exfoliation or battling with aging or prematurely aging skin. Redefine fine lines and dig a little deeper to penetrate skin for the ultimate glow!

Oil Control

Tone down oily shine with this facial while purifying and smoothing your skin. Using our favorite Charcoal Rescue Mask, this facial is good for skin types seeking to correct oil breakouts and shine. Excess oil will disappear and skin will be left pure, clean, and moisturized, without the midday sheen.

Eye Treatment

A facial all about the eyes! This treatment targets the eye area to deliver a rejuvenating boost to tired, dehydrated eyes. This facial is gentle enough for all skin types yet powerful, providing a recharged renewal to your eyes by cleansing, moisturizing and protecting.


Hungarian Healing Mud

Bronzed Sugar is proud to offer Hungarian Healing Mud treatments. This Healing Mud is only found in a special region of Hungary and has been used for hundreds of years for healing. Try our “Mud Mask” treatment if you are experiencing joint pain, ingrowns or blemishes. Book the Bikini Mud Mask or the Full Back Mud Mask.